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About Radix Creation

Radix Creation is an independent game developer founded in 2002. The goal is not just to make games, but also to explore various game techniques used in classic 2D-games. The games you will find on this site is freeware, just go to the game section and start downloading, have fun


Radix Creation currently consists of the following people:

Mads Sørensen: Programmer.

Henrik Thorsgaard: Programmer, webdesigner.


If you have any questions, bug reports, ideas, feedback, then please feel free to send us

an e-mail, You can also use the quickmail form.

[email protected]

If you need to contact an individual person then mail to:

Mads Sørensen: [email protected]

Henrik Thorsgaard: [email protected]     

New Poll        

Date: 09-03-2020 11:15:10

It’s come to our attention, that certain elements on this web page may not be displayed properly on some web browsers. We don’t know how big this problem is, so please take a look at our new poll and cast your vote, it would really help alot.

Also feel free to mail us, or use the forum if you have experienced any problems.

Forum back online    

Date: 23-02-2020 19:14:55

Nothing new has been going on lately. We have both been so busy with school, that we hardly have had time doing any real programming. Well that is not entirely true, but nothing game related. Today we started planning a new project, but it will probably take a while until we have anything to show.

We have also put our forum back online, we probably donīt need it at the moment, but hey it doesnīt hurt having it, this way we donīt have to spend time making it later on. You can check it out Here.

Things will happen soon       

Date: 20-11-2020 12:04:21

Lately we have thought about changing the design and functions on our site, which will mean that some of the current functions will be removed, but donīt worry itīll all be for the best. We will also begin to update some of the more uncomplete games a bit, or even drop some of them.


You missed out

A fun but very difficult maze for 2 players. Go to the end of the base in front of your opponent. Collect items for your path that can help you reach the exit in front of your opponent.

Blue box

Bluebox is a puzzle game that aims to get all blue squares to the right place with the least possible movement. Once all fields are in the right place, you can switch to the next level. But it’s not always easy.


Huey is a short bilateral jumping game with puzzle elements, many secrets and a bonus room. The game also includes a level editor that allows you to create and play your own levels.

Snake strike

This is a classic snake game. Play with a player and collect as many points as possible by conquering a green square or playing against other human players to see who can win the most rounds. And avoid obstacles or collisions with yourself, snake bite is called poison 🙂